Aroma diffuser Cashmere, GLOSS, 220 ml

Aroma diffuser Cashmere, GLOSS, 220 ml


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Aroma: rose water, black currant leaves, rhubarb, spices, cashmere, musk, orange

Properties: woody spicy

Duration: over 3 months (when using 5 sticks, depending on the humidity and temperature of the room)

Made in: Switzerland

A sophisticated juicy aroma that captivates with its ambiguity. At first you catch a rose water and it seems that everything is clear, when suddenly the aroma transforms into sour rhubarb, the sweetness of black currant and is supported by a handful of incredible spices. Delightful woody and spicy composition combined with inimitable fruity inclusions amazes with its uniqueness. CASHMERE surprises from the first breath of the aroma and each time it reveals itself with new different notes


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